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I’m not sexist…I mean racist!

Posted in Ala Turka with tags , on October 1, 2008 by confesteem

Parents always want the best for their children; and I’m sure most of us know from experience that there is always wisdom and a good reason behind something they dislike or disprove of.  

Or maybe not always?

It has become increasingly apparent to me that sometimes parents come up with the most witty and wacky reasons, of very contentious nature, when the topic of marriage is popped up, especially when the prospective spouse talked about is an 3arab!

Take for example my father, who gets flustered at the thought of his daughter marrying an ajnabi(stranger). An ajnami means he could very well be a wahabi, AKA ‘sapik’ by dad,who wipes over his socks during wudhu, forgets to fold away his prayer mat after his salah and eventually tricks us into having the best walima in our very own garrage! 

My mother on the other hand thinks she’s all cool with the idea, though she sometimes has trouble differentiating between the words sexist and racist, in the midst of her excitement about me getting married, she is always able to respond with “I’m not sexist…I mean racist!” so long as he can neatly align his shoes with the rest of ours outside the front door, before entering the house.