Why the Outbackbedouin?

In a time where one is unconsciously impelled to the influences and cultural norms of the western society it inhabits in. In a land down under; where a relatively newly established nation welcomes the coexistence of freedom and opportunity whole heartedly. In a community where Islamic ideology is as diverse as the colours of the spectrum, four young ladies strive to exist.

They are the outbackbedouins; Bedouin in the sense of a nomad with no attachment to either this life or any one group of Islamic thought. However, free thinking and knowing they are not, as these combined is only a fallacy.

They are merely searching for no more than companionship in their self imposed obligation to communicate their thoughts and possessed knowledge from the Quran and the Prophet to the world, not only for the greater good of spreading the deen, but to uphold their own.

So join these ladies when you’re in the quest for inspiration, enlightenment, public debate, entertainment, or nothing more than a place to transmit knowledge of truth; that is Islam.


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