The Camel Head Hijab

Being a hijabi for over fifteen years now, I have observed and tried many different hijab styles…but it wasn’t until my recent visit to Turkey, that my attention was drawn more closely to the camel head hijab trend, AKA the cone head hijab.

I’ve heard of this bizarre style as being a common fad amongst girls from the gulf regions, but it didn’t take too long for it to somehow seep its way into Turkey…and now into Melbourne! Initially, I figured that perhaps the hump meant that some girls just had a mass of gorgeous hair wrapped up there; but apparently it’s rarely the case.

I can understand the reason and the benefit behind how the gulf girls have grown this massive hump. I was told it sometimes contains an inflated airbag and often a reservoir of stored water, which helps them adapt to the extreme weather conditions, while also protecting their brain cells from melting away under the brutal gulf sun. Like really, the camel head title does make some sense to me here.

So then what’s up inside the turkish humps?

One time I asked a friend about the above question and she told me that the hump had some great uses for her. She was able to put under it her spare change, lays, tights and one photo of herself, along with other important accessories that sometimes just didn’t fit into her handbag. Ajeeb?

However, upon contemplating on this question further, I began to believe that the hump may actually represent  a secret symbol that says these girls are “single and available.” Or it could just be that some girls want to feel like a princess for once, like every girl does! You know, like those princesses in some fairytales, wearing the cone headgear attached to bits of silk material that drapes down onto their ball gowns…

…Or maybe not quite.


One Response to “The Camel Head Hijab”

  1. confesteem Says:

    This post was only a discussion about my thoughts on how the jijab is worn, its fashion and trends, and has nothing to do with my islamic perspective on the hijab. Any passionate camel heads out there waiting to head butt me, please don’t turn this into a religious dispute on the hijab, because it is not.

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