Looking back…

I’d have to say this year’s Ramadan was probably one of the best I’ve had, alhamdulillah. The taraweehs had to be the highlight. Especially my last taraweeh; the imam had an amazing recitation mashaAllah, and knowing that this was the final performance of this amazing sunnah prayer for the year (if not forever) made the prayer especially emotional.

I like to think of Ramadan, in a way, as a project. I set goals for myself and try to achieve them, and to continue to do so post-Ramadan. Although I didn’t achieve everything I wanted to, I did manage to achieve much, alhamdulillah. But it feels like the sun has set, and won’t rise again until next Ramadan.

I can only hope that my intentions were sincere, and that Allah has accepted my worship. My wish is that I have left Ramadan behind not only with a broken heart, but with a clean slate.


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